The first online magazine on travelling with children made by passionate parents! DzieckowPodrozy.pl is a magazine available on numerous platforms which means it is always there with its readers - active parents for whom trips with children are fascinating adventures of discovery.

More than  3 288 142 unique visitors  Jan-Dec 2018!

There are plenty of travel magazines, however, Dzieckowpodrozy.pl is the first to concentrate solely on the needs of families. Here you'll find inspiration for small and big trips, fascinating interviews, tips, interesting facts, discounts, contests...

Travel with children blog/magazine Poland

Why are we mobile? Because that's the most effective way - we are available through our website, on tablets, smartphones, combining habits with the comfort of reading a traditional magazine with up-to-date trends and being accustomed to using mobile devices nearly 24h a day. Our responsive website is complemented by the electronic version of the Dzieckowpodrozy.pl Magazine that will reach at least 50 000 parents . 

Dzieckowpodrozy.pl is also over 300 000 users browsing through nearly 550 000 pages a month. Among our readers as well as editors you will find people writing their own travel and parenting blogs. We are the first medium to connect bloggers, globetrotters and parents who simply search for inspiration for holiday and weekends with their kids.

Although we dont have big number of Facebook fans, they are really engaged and likely promote our posts. See the audience we reached lately on our profile:


We cooperate with more than 20 family travel blogers and some of them wirte posts especially for Dzieckowpodrozy.pl every month!

We are influencers - being citated and invited by media: (below interview in public TV - morning program) majówka tvp

Our content has been appreciated by Google's search engine which puts it in the top results for phrases of most of the coverage of places we review ex. “Sztokholm weekend z dzieckiem” [Stockholm weekend with a child] ; “Londyn weekend z dzieckiem” [London weekend with a child]; “Zakynthos atrakcje dla dzieci” [Zakynthos attractions for children]

or general pharases others such as:  “wczasy z dzieckiem za granicą” [holiday with a child abroad] “podróże z dzieckiem” [travels with a child] “gdzie z dzieckiem na wakacje” [where to go on holiday with a child] and many more.

Development plans - project where we invite Partners to work with us: - in 2018 we are finishing the biggest base of descriptions and reviews of the best family attractions in Poland (for the moment there are more than 300 accurate descriptions) - for LEGOLAND® Billund we have prepared what's most likely the most precise guidebook for the park and LEGOLAND Resort in Polish along with an intense promotional campaign - we are starting a “Europe for a weekend with a child” series where we'll be presenting the most interesting cities of Europe, e.g. Stockholm, London - each time the city's presentation covers a report from a weekend with children and a guide through the best attractions, practical information etc. - we are conducting the next edition of “Your Trips” in which our readers share their reports from their trips with children - planned: “Remarkable places” - a presentation of less popular but extremely attractive destinations for families - planned: “Family holiday with a travel agency” - an overview and reviews of several hundred most family friendly hotels offered by travel agencies - planned: a thorough comparison of conditions offered by the most popular airlines for families with children


Our professional experience is strictly related to marketing, especially site marketing which allows us to respond to the needs of our partners in 100%. Wojciech Kreft is the manager of the project, previously for several years he had been the director of the Pomorskie Tourist Board (Gdansk), always involved with the tourism industry.

Our offer is always tailored, knowing our market, our users, we know what actions and content are the most popular ones.  Thus, if you are searching for a travel blog or something more: a magazne for active parents that will inspire them to travel, we invite you to work with us.

Feel free to contact us: E-mail: redkacja@dzieckowpodrozy.pl  Tel.: +48 501 100 560

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Meet our editors team 😉


Editor - Tomek - 11 years old  -  Deputy Editor - Bartek 8 years old

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